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The Boys Like Playing In The Creek

The boys like playing in the creek

They look for crawlies under the smooth stones and spiders in the hollow logs
Tadpoles swim between their legs, growing their own

Then someone slips and laughter fills the air
Cold water fills the pockets of their shorts

Every tree trunk is a target, and every arm a hero
As birds whiz past their heads like darts

They also like climbing the neighbour’s fence and pinching fruit
Then batting blowflies and bees with old tennis rackets

Though they aren’t too keen on kissing girls yet
Or when their parents call them home for dinner

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After Melbourne’s Coldest Weekend

This dark chill is theft—daylight robbery
The sun roped up in the back of the van
Our good humours gone with it

To a human we’re phlegmatic, melancholy
And no draft is too crafty
No teeth or bones too still

They say it’s a vortex that’ll last the week
And eBay is selling out of finger-less leather gloves
But we’ll get up anyway

And at night, well, we probably won’t think of those in bed alone
But we should
God knows it was me once

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10 Haikus For 10 Days In Japan

Tokyo August 28

The buildings close now
As the late summer pulls in
A strange soup this warmth

Tokyo August 29

The strings strum. Buzzing
Louder than the cicadas
In urban concert

Tokyo August 30

All the wide-leg pants
Billow in the wind of change
They’re not clothes for home

Kyoto August 31

A sake monsoon
And reversal of engines
More bullets than one

Kyoto September 1

War drums are drumming
The fierce tattoo of heaven
Tears rain like iron

Naoshima September 2

On the inland sea
Ships Japanese beef, top grade
Some rare works of art

Naoshima September 3

The three-shadowed rock
With a bronze lion inside
Keeps the summer heat

Tokyo September 4

Ten thousand black disks
Impenetrable rhythms
All the same language

Tokyo September 5

Six strings rent in two
Resurrection by dateline
Where summer sounds wait

Tokyo September 6

Season ending sleep
Night turning in the darkness
The sapling day grows

September 2014

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