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The Boys Like Playing In The Creek

The boys like playing in the creek

They look for crawlies under the smooth stones and spiders in the hollow logs
Tadpoles swim between their legs, growing their own

Then someone slips and laughter fills the air
Cold water fills the pockets of their shorts

Every tree trunk is a target, and every arm a hero
As birds whiz past their heads like darts

They also like climbing the neighbour’s fence and pinching fruit
Then batting blowflies and bees with old tennis rackets

Though they aren’t too keen on kissing girls yet
Or when their parents call them home for dinner

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Staring East at Macedon

A crazy horse strums
As two fantails splash in the fountain
Beading streams from its edge
And trees warble in the wind
Calling across the rose garden
Shaking petals to its bed
Through the matrimonial threshold
Runs a neat row of rosemary
Its arms telegraphed with spider webs
Lit white in the sun

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