10 Haikus For 10 Days In Japan

Tokyo August 28

The buildings close now
As the late summer pulls in
A strange soup this warmth

Tokyo August 29

The strings strum. Buzzing
Louder than the cicadas
In urban concert

Tokyo August 30

All the wide-leg pants
Billow in the wind of change
They’re not clothes for home

Kyoto August 31

A sake monsoon
And reversal of engines
More bullets than one

Kyoto September 1

War drums are drumming
The fierce tattoo of heaven
Tears rain like iron

Naoshima September 2

On the inland sea
Ships Japanese beef, top grade
Some rare works of art

Naoshima September 3

The three-shadowed rock
With a bronze lion inside
Keeps the summer heat

Tokyo September 4

Ten thousand black disks
Impenetrable rhythms
All the same language

Tokyo September 5

Six strings rent in two
Resurrection by dateline
Where summer sounds wait

Tokyo September 6

Season ending sleep
Night turning in the darkness
The sapling day grows

September 2014

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