Living in the Internet Rage

Everyone is outraged
Apoplectic, insane with it
Incandescent clouds of mist
Spitting in their Twitter fits

Hashtag armed
And all balled fists
“How dare you” that
And “Fuck you” this

Are they like this when offline?
Perhaps they’re pissed off all the time

I guess we’ll never know
The truth is trolls don’t show
The face they use down the street
The mug you look at when you meet

You don’t dare act in such a way
In the glaring light of day
Cowards. Shut your mouths, you’re yellow
Take a pill, chill out and mellow

It’ll eat you up, that angry itch
You don’t need to whine and bitch
Don’t look so hard to find offence
The world’s not out to get you, at least not yet

Is something missing? Could it be love?
I can’t promise someone’s above
But tell you what, and this one’s free
Here’s a hug, from me


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One thought on “Living in the Internet Rage

  1. nothing but love in this comment 🙂

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