After Reading Ballard

There’s nothing loftier than loss
No higher plain
When shoulders shift the mantle
And yokes run a stream, tributaries into the primordial soup

That’s assuming souls float
What if they sink?
Passing through head to foot like a draining bath
Carrying silt and guilt and hair into the forever black hole

That wouldn’t solve the soaring feeling we get
Through faces well met, children laughing, wetting a dry thirst
…even little wins have wings

I think when we die we must just disperse
No ups and downs anymore
Away from the push and pull of gravity
And the swirling mortal coil

It’s just everywhere, everything, and everyway
And all at once

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3 thoughts on “After Reading Ballard

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    After any Ballard in particular? I love The Drowned World…

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