End Of Days

Marching’s not enough to save us
Not from total extinction
There are targets set
Missiles already sent in fact
And turncoats in our midst
Best friends whose kisses taste like metal
Bitter only as love can be

And when then sky falls on our heads
Pummelling all our hopes and dreams
Beneath our mum and dads’ screams—and broken earth
No one will be listening
And even if they tried, all there is in the end is silence
A cold vigil kept by a burnt out flame
No flicker in the vacuum that is endless night

But fear of such a sure thing won’t get in the way of living first
Drawing close the perfume of roses, plump on the roadside
No pickets, but pictures of black hair laid across the pillow in the morning
After eating your last meal every night

If the waking hours are for flying, the long dream to come
Don’t petition death or deaf ears
Side with your senses and the momentary magic

Should you be able to stomach it

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