A Year in Collingwood – Haiku

The public toilet
With piss dirtying the seat
Washed in autumn rain

In winter’s gutter
Lie needles, bottles and feet
A man unconscious

Koorie plays guitar
Laughter and a barking dog
Coins, a hat, now spring

Alone on the bench
A weathered hand plays poker
It folds with summer

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6 thoughts on “A Year in Collingwood – Haiku

  1. So you do not love Collingwood.

    • Josh says:

      no anne, it’s merely observation. the area has its challenges.

      • Hi Josh, I know a fair bit about the challenges, they are probably very different to the challenges you are talking about. I have my 92 yo father living there. For him there is no community, no neighbours, no support, not even the old Greek coffee shops that he used to frequent as they all sold up and are lovely coffee shops.
        Still, he would not move.

  2. araneus1 says:

    I know that tune

    • Josh says:

      it’s a sad melody.

      • araneus1 says:

        sad but rich fodder for those of us who like to observe and immerse. Spent a colourful year working on Smith street about a decade ago…. Despite my state of mind at that time, I loved almost every minute of it.

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