After Copenhagen

These fall fields lie so fallow
Choked by peat wheeled in barrows
Broken seeds all cracked with frost
A future dashed, a life-beat lost

Like lines of prose upon the rocks
The crippled chalk under weighing blocks
The diary entries of Dinosaurs
Hurtling balls, the unearthly cause
Of choking dark and bitter rain
And here, the Globe swaps guard again

Then, as now, a dearth of the muse
Whose glittering eyes and wordy ruse
Talk cheap and run a mighty river
Unwise advice, the mouth the giver
That chews the ears from blue-black corn
Sees old disputes blow at their horns

Yet here’s the irrigation flooding in
It fills the rusted water tin
The wet kiss of oxygenated blood
That turns parched dirt to slippery mud


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