I Separated From My Shadow

I separated from my shadow
Let drift into the lonesome dark
Quite still, I stood a scarecrow
Dropped the anchor from my heart

Pulled tight upon the purse strings
Strapped a bandage around my shoe
Took up the gait that grief brings
Worried the knot that wouldn’t undo

A dark sleep, it saved me
Though the echo woke with dawn
Till tick-tock time brought safety
As the night again was born

When no shadow could be noted
Or, therefore, a lack thereof
And emotion, bilious and bloated
Dispersed, a thick and bitter fog


2 thoughts on “I Separated From My Shadow

  1. Luke Benge says:

    Stunning Joshy! Goosebump material x

  2. sophie says:

    Beautiful Darling. Tres Triste. Xx

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